Why Am I Being Charged With Reckless Driving in Virginia?

It’s sometimes a shock to discover that you have been charged with reckless driving. It’s usually because the ticket is for what would be considered speeding in other states. Matters are made worse when the officer writing the summons fails to explain the difference in the offense. Additionally, discovering your offense is for reckless driving after the fact causes additional stress. We’ve even had clients are unaware of the reckless charge until they received solicitation mail from law firms offering their services.

Reckless Driving by Speed

Virginia defines reckless driving by speed as:

  • speeding > 80 miles per hour
  • traveling 20 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit

An officer can charge you with reckless driving in Virginia for passing either of those thresholds. It’s important to note that reckless driving is not a specific intent crime. This means you may be convicted even if you were not aware/intended to drive at the alleged speed.

How to Prepare for A Reckless Driving Charge

Across Virginia, judges are familiar with the severity of reckless driving laws. We have seen some courts show leniency with reducing or dismissing cases. Positive contributions to your case like a clean driving record and a respectful demeanor with the officer can help. With these items in good standing, courts will consider an alternative to the reckless driving charge.

Local Knowledge That Counts

There are many attorneys to choose from when facing a reckless driving charge. You may find that selecting legal counsel to represent harder than the stress of dealing with the ticket. Mattox Law is here to help you through a reckless driving charge. Having an attorney who understands your case and the area where you were charged can greatly improve the chances of a positive outcome.

Mattox Law has extensive experience representing individuals charged with a reckless driving in Virginia. Trey has successfully defended these cases providing results that in nearly every instance avoid a conviction. For quality representation with your reckless driving ticket, contact Mattox Law today.