Emporia Traffic Ticket Attorney

Emporia Traffic Ticket Attorney

Emporia is one of the first cities traveling north on 95 in Virginia. As such, the city of Emporia has become known for many Code of Virginia traffic violations specifically speeding and reckless driving.  If you have received one of these violations contact Emporia traffic ticket attorney Trey Mattox.

Fortunately, the judge in Emporia is typically good about working with individuals faced with traffic offenses. Additionally, Mattox Law is frequently able to negotiate a reduction of the violation.  However, to have the greatest chances for a positive outcome in your case you must speak with an experienced attorney. Moreover, it is extremely important to speak with a lawyer who is familiar with Emporia. In addition, your attorney should be familiar with how the judge handles his docket.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving violations are very serious charges in Virginia. As a result, a conviction carries penalties like fines, license suspension, and class 1 misdemeanor.  Moreover, these consequences can have very long lasting effects. Additionally, this can burden even the most proactive motorist.


Many drivers have exceeded posted speed limits during their driving history. However, speeding ticket charges in Virginia can vary significantly depending on the nature of the offense.  Certainly, more extreme cases are charged as reckless driving by speed, which is a class 1 misdemeanor.  Admittedly, speeding is an infraction rather than a misdemeanor. Even so, a conviction can still carry very serious and lasting consequences including:

  • license suspension
  • points on your driving record
  • high fines
  • increased insurance rates


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious traffic violation in Virginia. Consequently, a DUI conviction has long lasting consequences. Additionally, it is often a complicated path to trial that can be confusing. More, this process is very stressful for individuals facing these charges. Importantly, an experienced Virginia DUI attorney will help minimize the chance of negative outcome.

Emporia Traffic Ticket Attorney Representation

Mattox Law has extensive experience representing individuals charged with a wide variety of traffic violations in this jurisdiction. In the last three years, our firm has represented hundreds of clients in this area.  To that end, Trey has successfully defended these cases providing results that in nearly every instance avoid a conviction for the traffic misdemeanor or infraction alleged. If you have been charged with a traffic crime or infraction, contact Emporia traffic ticket attorney Trey Mattox today.

Emporia General District Court 

Clerk: Ms Sandra Andleton Ligon

Phone: (434) 634-5400
Fax: (434) 634-0049

Clerk’s Office Hours
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

315 South Main Street
Emporia, VA 23847

General District Judges
Hon. Stephen D. Bloom, Chief Judge
Hon. C. Ridley Bain
Hon. Bruce A. Clark Jr.
Hon. H. Lee Townsend II