Virginia DUI Attorney

Virginia DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious traffic violation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A DUI conviction has long lasting consequences. Additionally, it is often a complicated path to trial that can be confusing and stressful for individuals facing these charges. The need for an experienced Virginia DUI attorney for legal representation will help minimize the chance of negative outcome.

Know What You’re Facing

Depending on your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of your offense, DUI Convictions carry penalties including, but not limited to: 

Legal representation does not end when the trial has concluded.  We are happy to answer questions you may have through the long and complicated aftermath of a DUI charge or conviction.  All of the requirements that the court sets for you after the conclusion of your case can be very confusing and often additional conversations are necessary to help our clients be successful. Mattox Law is here to support you through the entire DUI process as your Virginia DUI Attorney.

Virginia DUI Attorney Experience You Can Trust

Mattox Law has had tremendous amount of success representing DUI clients. Here are samples of our previous cases:

DUI While Transporting a Child
Client was charged with DUI while transporting a juvenile, a charge carrying a mandatory minimum 5 days in jail. Mattox Law was able to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction of the charge to reckless driving, thus avoiding the DUI conviction and any potential jail time.  

DUI with a Elevated BAC
Client was charged with DUI with an elevated BAC, above .14, which carries a mandatory minimum 5 days in jail.  In this instance Mattox Law was able to convince the prosecutor to strike the last sentence referring to the elevated BAC, which kept the client from having to serve any time in jail.  

*All cases are unique and past results do not guarantee future outcomes, but Mattox Law does have a successful track record of representing DUI clients.

Virginia DUI attorney has a proven track of obtaining outstanding results for our DUI and DWI clients. If you have additional questions about your case, please contact our office today.