Reckless Driving to Non Moving

Reckless Driving
February 29, 2020

In June 2019, my son was coming back from school in NC and got caught doing 84 in 70 on Rt. 85. He was charged for reckless driving. This ticket worried us because he had two other moving violations in the last year. Mr. Mattox quickly gave us a list of things my son needed to do before the trial date including speedometer calibration check and online course To ease our worries, he told us we did not need to be there in person as we live in DC area. He’s very organized and very responsive throughout the process. Trey took time we needed to talk us through it. Stephanie was great too! Our case outcome was better than expected – reduced to non-moving violation! I’d recommend spending the money to get proper representation, especially when looking at a criminal misdemeanor charge – you don’t want that on your record!