Reckless Driving Reduced

February 29, 2020

I contacted Mr. Mattox’s office after I received a reckless speeding ticket in Hanover County on my way back to DC (87MPH in a 55MPH zone). After talking to multiple lawyers, Mr. Mattox, while reassuring, was also the most honest in laying out the likely outcomes of the case. Because I already had had two previous speeding tickets, I was facing a license suspension and potentially jail time. But Mr. Mattox and his case manager Stephanie were very professional and laid out multiple steps to follow ahead of my court date to put me in the best position. Because I completed the steps Mr. Mattox laid out, he was able to persuade the judge to drop my Reckless Driving by speed (which is a misdemeanor) to Improper Driving with no license suspension or jail time, only a $350 fine. The judge even said at the very end that the only reason that I was “walking out the front door today” was because my lawyer “made a very convincing argument.” Mr. Mattox did a great job and I plan on recommending him to any of my family or friends who have traffic cases in central Virginia.