Obtained Favorable Outcome for Me!

Reckless Driving
February 29, 2020

Early in the morning on Oct. 5, 2017, I was returning to Maryland from having attended the funeral of my best friend in NC. I had just entered Virginia when I was pulled over and informed that I was clocked driving 12 mph over the speed limit. I was shocked because my Garmin Nuvi indicated I was driving 77-78 mph. I signed the summons and continued on my way. Later that night, I looked at the summons and became extremely unraveled – the summons cited me for Reckless Driving! I did an internet search on reckless driving in Virginia and definitely became “unglued!” I immediately googled Emporia, VA reckless driving attorneys and decided on Trey Mattox. I sent him an email that night citing the facts. The next day I received a reply from him, and it was his assurance and knowledge of the Greensville County court system that assuaged my emotions. I agreed to allow him to represent me and emailed him relevant documents. I received an email from him the day following my court case, and he had gotten my charge reduced to faulty equipment! Reckless Driving is as serious an offense as DWI, so I highly recommend anyone facing that charge to hire an attorney — and, Trey Mattox gets my vote!