Mr. Mattox is a Man of His Word!

February 29, 2020

I received a ticket for reckless driving in the state of Virginia, doing 85 MPH. Never had a ticket in my life before. Had no idea on how to go about obtaining a lawyer to represent my case. Received letters in the mail from numerous lawyers that were offering their services to take on my case. I chose Mr. Mattox because his letter was simple and to the point. Somehow stood out from the rest. Called and to my surprise spoke directly to him. He explained what options he felt I had and what he felt he could do for my particular case. He is a man of his word and it all played out exactly as he had explained it to me. My charge of reckless driving was lowered, and the amount of the fine was as well. Most importantly to me, there is nothing on my driving record to indicate my careless mistake. Thank you, Mr. Mattox for your help and expertise.