Mattox Law – Traffic Court Review

Reckless Driving
February 29, 2020

While traveling through the Commonwealth of Virginia this summer, I was pulled over and ticketed for doing 81 in a 70 MPH zone. At the time the officer was writing the ticket, I didn’t think I was in too much trouble. After all, in my state, doing 11 MPH over the limit doesn’t usually warrant a second look from an officer at a speed trap. However, upon further inspection of my ticket, I learned that I was in much more trouble. Even though I was only going 11 MPH over the posted speed limit, in Virginia, driving over 80 MPH is considered Reckless Driving – an offense serious enough to land jail time, and basically the equivalent of a DUI in most states. 

I immediately started searching online for legal representation and, after visiting several lawyer’s websites and bios, came across some positive reviews for Mattox Law. His success rate for my specific case was appealing, and I found his website informative and helpful. That was enough for me to choose Mattox Law to represent me. 

The Mattox Law staff were attentive, knowledgeable, and prompt

Mr. Mattox represented me in court, and successfully negotiated a significantly reduced sentence of Defective Equipment Generally, a non-moving violation with no points and a nominal fine.