Hire Him!

February 29, 2020

Trey and his staff are super professional, and they helped me with every step along the way. I was charged with reckless driving by speed in Mecklenburg County, 95/70. I am from South Carolina and was traveling through, so I had no idea that the penalties were so stiff for speeding in Virginia. I was not able to travel back to Virginia for court, so Mr. Mattox appeared on my behalf and did an exceptional job. Trey was able to get my charge reduced to improper driving, which was a great result in my opinion. He saved me a lot of headache. I was very worried that I would get convicted and have my insurance skyrocket and have a criminal record, but Trey was able to get it reduced! I am super thankful I chose him. I am now able to move on with my life without a criminal record. Thank you again Trey and Stephanie, you guys are the best!