Resources for Virginia Traffic Violations

Resources for Virginia Traffic Violations

In addition to our case results and jurisdiction information, our team has collected resources based on our experiences. Below are a few resources for Virginia traffic violations we believe are particularly useful. Additionally, we use these resources to ensure we can secure a dismissal or reduction of you charge. Please use these resources to help ensure we are able to obtain the best possible outcome for your particular case.

When You Get A Ticket

Understand the consequences and possible outcomes for your traffic violation.
Ticket Consequences
Understanding Evidence

Prepare For Court

Our team will advise you if your presence will benefit the outcome of your case.
Requesting Your Driving Record
Writing a Letter of Apology
Courtroom Attire
Courtroom Etiquette

After Your Court Date

In some cases, you will have additional tasks to complete or fines to pay after your case has been resolved.
Positive Outcomes
Paying Fines
Submit A Testimonial

Choose Mattox Law for Your Traffic Ticket Representation

Mattox Law has extensive experience representing individuals charged with a wide variety of traffic violations. In the last three years, our firm has represented hundreds of clients charged with traffic crimes and infractions.  Trey has successfully defended these cases providing results that in nearly every instance avoid a conviction for the traffic misdemeanor or infraction alleged. For help with your next traffic violation, contact Mattox Law today.