Reckless Driving For Passing A School Bus?

It’s Easy to Make the Mistake

A violation that we frequently encounter in traffic court is reckless driving for passing a school bus.  As you might imagine many judges take these cases very seriously due in large part to the danger posed to children getting on and off the bus.  Reckless driving for passing a school bus is sometimes a confusing violation especially in regard situations involving four lane roads with no median. In Virginia, medians do not require motorists to stop for stopped school buses.

Factors in Considering the Case

When hearing a reckless driving case for passing a school bus, the court will inquire a number of different factors.  The court will want to know if any children were present and in danger.  For the cases on a four lane road, the bus being on the opposite side of the road would certainly be a factor that would weigh in your favor.  The court will also look at the circumstances such as the speed limit and location of the stop to hills or curves in the road. When we speak to our clients who have faced these charges, we make sure to capture all details they can remember about the stop to help support our defense of the case.

Understanding Outcomes

When defending reckless driving cases for passing a bus stop there are potential outcomes to be expected.  If you have a good record and the facts of the stop are in your favor, we may be able to secure a dismissal. A defensive driving course would be required to complete the dismissal in this first option. A second potential option would be for a reduction to improper driving which would reduce the number of points going on your record and avoid the misdemeanor conviction.  Finally, some courts prefer to amend this to the civil code section which simply demands a $250.00 civil penalty without a misdemeanor conviction. 

Mattox Law has extensive experience representing individuals charged with a wide variety of traffic violations. Trey has successfully defended these cases providing results that in nearly every instance avoid a conviction. When facing a reckless driving ticket for passing a school bus, contact Mattox Law team today.